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We have moved to new factory in Hastings and will be updating website - stay tuned !!!

About Us

The Robbie Marine Products story so far...

Robbie Marine Products is a family business, originally founded as boat builders by Norm Robertson in 1950 at Braybrook. The business moved to Frankston, a bayside town 60km south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1967 andNorm  started doing boat fit outs and making accessories for inboards.

Norm branched out into designing and manufacturing marine grade aluminium manifolds. He invented the efficient, extremely reliable, chain driven Robbie Stern Drive leg. It has been modified and improved over the years to a gear driven stern drive. We built two off-shore Power boats to test the Stern Drive legs which were very successful.

Robbie Marine is now headed by Norm's son, David "Robbo" Robertson and continue to manufacture marine grade aluminium manifolds
and stern drives of exceptional quality.
The business specialises in out-of-production manifolds such as Ford 272's, Volvo and the Mercruiser 470.
Also available are prop shafts, bellhousings and adaptor plates to suit inboard conversions.
Other services include: boat fit outs, stern drive repairs, etc.